Alkaline Water Purifier Reduces Acid Content

There are some advocates that believe the human body typically has too much acid in the system and the use of an alkaline water purifier and drinking only ionized water can help reduce that trend. However, there is very little scientific study to support that claim.

Electricity powers an alkaline water purifier through which filtered water is passed. The filtering process removes impurities, which can harm the inside of the alkaline water purifier. Water passes over a series of electrodes that removes the remaining impurities by separating the minerals into alkaline and acidic properties.

Of interest to those who are taking antioxidants for health reasons, the water coming from am alkaline water purifier is an antioxidant and drinking it may be beneficial to your health. The water that remains in the unit has collected all the minerals form the water and is great to use for watering plants. The acid water by-product also works as an antiseptic or astringent.

There have also been theories that drinking ionized water, such as that which comes through the use of an alkaline water purifier, will slow or even reverse the aging process. This is another claim that has no scientific evidence, but the theory is said to be sound.

Ionization Leaves Some Minerals In Water

While many filters, either compacted carbon or reverse osmosis removes all minerals from the water, an alkaline water purifier will leave calcium and magnesium in the purified water. It is known that these two minerals are important to bodily functions, such as reducing osteoarthritis and other ailments. By leaving these minerals in the water you drink ionization not only makes great tasting water, but healthier water as well.

On the other side of health research are those disputing the claims of additional health benefits of alkaline water purifier as an only source, but they do not dispute the need for people to drink more water. Sometimes people may forget to drink water if it has an unpleasant taste or texture, but with ionized water coming from the tap, many will want to drink more.

Water from an alkaline water purifier is easier to absorb into the body, refreshing you whole body quicker to reduce or eliminate the threat of dehydration. Additionally, the oxygen rich potential of ionized water binds with the free radicals in the system to flush them out, stopping them from harming your cells, organs and doing additional harm.

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